The PreKinders Blog provides updates to the PreKinders website. By subscribing to this blog, you will receive website updates which include many teaching ideas for Pre-K classrooms.

About Me: I teach Pre-K (4-5’s) in a PK-8th grade school.


3 responses to “About

  1. hi Ms. Karen Cox,
    I stumbled upon your website and I am really amazed by how neat, simple, clear, organized and concise your website is. It is truly informative and helpful especially to a new teacher like me. I really want to say thank you for your generosity to share your experience and knowledge on teaching. I’m so impressed with your work and your children. This is so inspiring…I wish I could be as equipped and skilled as you seem to be. Thank you so much and more power to you. May God truly bless you. 🙂

    Nikki, 24yrs.old
    on my first year of teaching in nursery class

  2. Thank you Nikki! What a nice compliment. Enjoy your first year!

  3. What a great place. As a teacher and web builder myself, you did a great job! Thanks so much for sharing. I plan to use many of your ideas when teaching this year.


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